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How We Came Up With The Game... A Story

Why Did We Create This Game?

Imagine being at a social gathering...

You look left... look to the right... what is everyone doing?

Probably on their phone, scrolling or swiping.

I'm guilty of doing this... It's eases anxiety.

You have to admit, blogs & news outlets are great at keeping our attention.

If people are not swiping or scrolling they are probably in a group chat discussing or debating topics.

Like who is the best character on GOT (Last season was trash).

After seeing this happen at every social gathering I've been to in the last year, I had an epiphany 💡

We noticed that people love to debate and talk their point.
- Jordan or Lebron?
- Apple or Android?
- Facebook Vs IG?
- Beyonce or Taylor Swift?

We noticed this online in the form of elimination posts. 4 popular options and you have to eliminate one.

Simple but fun.

In group chats and in person, it becomes a discussion.

It gets intense, it's fun, and memorable.

People show personality, become friends... maybe even find a new bae. 

You discuss which 90s sitcom was the best (Fresh Prince hands down)...

You discuss which point guards is the best and you realize that you just made a new friend.

So we said "what if we took it offline?"

A simple card game...

Play it at gathering, BBQs, parties, meetups, socials, pre games, and more....

We sent out a bunch of tester decks to friends & family. People love it.

People got conversations started, made new friends, and had a good time...

Most importantly, took a little break from technology.

Enjoy the game and thanks for checking us out.