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Fun idea!

This is a really fun game. I like that there are so many different way to play!

Great game for game night

Sparks funny and sometimes thought provoking discussions. I enjoyed it!

The Culture Deck
Lakecia Goedken
Thank you!!

Played this game with my in-laws this Christmas and had a great time.

The Culture Deck
Melissa Nienhaus
Culture deck

Great conversation starters!

Super fun!

Had a blast!

Need more cards

The game is really cool... I just wish there were more cards for the price.

Great Fun with the Fam

I played this game with family, over the holidays and it was a great time! Good laughs, fun spirited debates and lots of fun. Highly recommend!

So Much Fun!

Our family had a great time playing this game. We got such a laugh debating the various cards that we abandoned the timer and hashed it out until the 'winner' of each card had convinced each person they had a better argument: once you conceded on *any* point you were out of the debate! We didn't get through many cards with our method but we laughed a lot. A fun evening with a game we are all looking forward to playing again.

Digital version

It is good but I was looking for something different. I was using these as icebreakers for my classroom and some content I cannot use. It’s still great
If you have any you recommend I would welcome hearing it

The First Deck
Deshunn H

Played this game at a Christmas Eve party this year, great conversation starter! This game brought life to the party, careful though, some of the cards can be a bit controversial when mixed with alcohol. Otherwise fun game!

Really fun

Played this with our family on Christmas. I will say that some of the music artist references were a little hard for some of our older family members, but in general, great game.

The Combo Box
Fun Game

Fun game for family

The First Deck
Fun family time

We played during holiday. It was fun family time. There were a number of music and tv shows we are not into so we had to guess. We also skipped a lot of the sports questions since we are not into sports. Overall was good.

The First Deck
Colleen Perry
Fun And Entertaining

We played this over the holidays. It was fun way for old and young to discover and discuss why or why not something had to go! A blast

The Combo Box
m williams
Good fun

Played with our family group and had a great time

Crowd favorite

Fun game

We played this in a mixed group of people. It was fun and interesting but there were some cards that were set aside, ie political, that nobody wanted to get into.

Awesome new addition!

A great new addition to game night. While some questions are universally agreed upon certain cards start hilarious back and forth friendly debates about the culture. Just when you think you know somebody their answer throws the whole room for a loop! Too much fun! Great christmas gift!

The First Deck
susan Calyer
What a great and fun, inclusive family game!

We gave this gift to our child to open on Christmas Eve, and the discussions and fun arguments over each person’s opinion lasted well into the night. It was such a fun, family building, inclusionary game, everybody loved it! What a great way to spend Christmas Eve! Otherwise after the nice dinner and church we would’ve all gone our separate ways.

One Gotta Go Bundle
Happy Customer - Washington, DC
Great game with quick delivery

I received the One Gotta Go Bundle the other day and I've already played it with a friend. We had a blast and we particularly enjoyed the culture deck! It's a great game to play with two people, but I bet it will be even more fun with a group. Shipping and delivery was fast without any issues.

The Combo Box
SparkLynn B
Fun, Fun, Fun

We played this game this weekend and had a blast! The difference in generational thoughts was rather interesting. Can't wait to play it again!


So easy the way it downloaded to my phone. Questions are great. Can't wait to do it with family

Download version

The download version is a great idea I wasn’t even aware that I was buying that one but I’m glad I did his now I can play it wherever. I had it for over a month and didn’t even realize it LOL

The First Deck
Alicia Shaw

The First Deck

The Culture Deck
Marisol Rosado-Carrisalez
This was so fun I threw my pillow.

I highly recommend purchasing this game. It has served as a great ice breaker particularly with new acquaintances. It definitely creates capacity for chaos though!