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Based on 683 reviews
Great game

This is a really great game. I have used it at 2 events so far and it was a hit. It starts great conversations and debates. It’s definitely an ice breaker as well. I would highly recommend.

Good buy

A large group of us played during the holidays. It was a great time.

The First Deck
Courtney Pope
We had so much fun

I will be ordering the different versions. This game was so much fun at Thanksgiving!

Family Fun

My family and I played this Thanksgiving. It was fun to play with varies generations...we laughed and debated.

One Gotta Go Bundle
Keera Stanton
A game night hit!

A big hit at the family game night this Thanksgiving! Everybody was able to play from 12-70yrs old. Although us females hated the extra long time the men took to debate, I do think it would be a great idea to have another deck for just sports. Old and new players/participants/teams/coaches/trainers…..of each sport. Basketball, Football, Boxing were our favs but I’m sure all the rest of sports would be a hit with mostly the guys but all sports fans in general. If yall do this give me my Credit Lol. Sike naw for real though

Fun with Anyone

I have played this game 4 times already with different people, and it’s always entertaining. You really get to know people through this game.

I find myself changing my answers at times.

This game sparked interesting conversations.

Great for social gatherings

Brought this game for social gatherings and to my surprise it was a hit.

The Culture Deck

The Culture Deck



The Culture Deck
Noel Dijon

HEY! I love the game, it’s dope but I think giving people 4 options is 1 too much. Typically out of 4 options everyone is choosing the same weakest link and they tend to forget the 4th option. instead maybe you all should launch another version and call it “Drama Queen” and only list 3 options to make the choices more difficult and to stir up more drama filled debatable topics! “Drama Queen” should be a mixture of the culture version and dramatic entertaining moments example: One gotta go… which moment was most entertaining A. Mike Tyson ear moment B. Bird man Breakfast club interview or C. Kanye’s Beyoncé had one of the greats videos of all time speech….
I hope you all don’t take offense to my review because I really do love the game these are just a few things I noticed while playing it with friends, especially while folks are drinking and smoking no one ever remembers all 4 choices lol

Perfect Easy to Explain

Great to have a game that isn’t overly competitive or hard to explain and of course very entertaining and enthusiastic

Brunch Win

Used the cards during a brunch outing with my friends. We’re great way to start conversation and hear people’s perspective. We didn’t finish them all, we are looking forward to that next time we can meet and do the cards.

The Culture Deck


Honesty Review

I ordered the digital version and this game was played at a social gathering and it was LIT, we had fun and the question brought diverse discussion...listen play with a mixture of people with different backgrounds and watch how it turns out!!!

One Gotta Go Bundle
Yvonne Diaz
Love this game!!

I play this with family, friends and the conversations it sparks are HILARIOUS!!
Keep up the good work!

Entertaining and Conversation Provoking

I bought the combo deck (original plus culture). We had a great time playing it. My only suggestion (to be more inclusive of all age groups) is only refer to artists with their mainstream/stage names (culture).

The game was fun and sparked allot of discussion around why people chose the different options and the ultimate decision on what had to go. It was hilarious. I would definitely recommend.

The First Deck
Cindra Taylor
Game Changer/Conversation Breaker

This brought so much fun to my gathering. It was filled with converstion and laughter.

Great Game

I bought this to use with friends and family and to bring some laughs to work meetings too. Such a great game!

Lot Thrown Gone

My friends and family love this game. Definitely a game we can play every weekend and not get tired of it.

Lit | Thrown | Gone by OGG

Such an awesome game!

Played this game with my friends and we REALLY enjoyed it. Would highly recommend. We played encouraging everyone to take a sip of their drink NOT a shot ur for sure will get LIT with this game.

The Combo Box

I got the orignal and for the culture versios and both made for plenty of commentary, laughs and all around fun.

Love it

Enjoyed playing on a road trip. There were questions for the older folks & teens. Great way to get people talking & put their phones away.

Amazing Game

It’s new fun and exciting!