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So much fun- but be careful!

We played this game on a family zoom call and everyone loved it-- but be warned it caused some family controversy. I mean, who gets rid of peanut butter and jelly over tuna sandwiches! Apparently, my cousin, and now we're questioning everything about our family members. It was great fun and we loved it! Highly recommend it!

It’s a Must Buy!!! Great game to play with Family & Friends.

The Bomb 💣

Cool game. Funny how everyone has such a different reason as to why which one should go.

One Gotta Go Bundle 🎁

One Gotta Go Bundle 🎁

Whether Family or Friends, This Game is A1

I love this game. I have learned so much about my friends and family and their opinions on popular things in the culture. It’s a good time to be had all around and produced FUN debates. Definitely can’t wait for more decks.

A great deck!

Fun times for all. I can’t wait for the next deck.

Love it. We had a ball.

Great family game

Really enjoyed playing with the family

The Culture Deck


I love the game and just wish there was a more clear distinction between cards for 17 and under and for older people. There are a few cards that I have had to skip due to who was playing. It has been a total hit though!

I like

I wish there were more packs, but my girlfriend and I definitely enjoyed them.

Good fun

Played with a group of attorney friend and it was a rousing debate. We never resolved if JZ or Nas should stay or go.

Fun game!

Very fun game! We played this and had some serious debates and discussions. Great product and really appreciate that I had the digital and card version.

One Gotta Go Bundle 🎁

Love Love Love

I absolutely love this game. It’s fun. I played with friends and we had a blast. This game is a hit!

Great Game

Played this game at a birthday party with my family. Some disowned each other but by the end of the night everyone was cool again and saying how much fun they had playing this game. It was a huge hit!

So fun!!

Very thought provoking and fun!! Some of the cards require some serious contemplating. Worth. Every. Penny.

Love it, Love it, Love it!!!

This game is awesome!!! I have already played it twice virtually with family (siblings one time, and cousins the next). We had a blast!! I would wholeheartedly recommend this game to others.


I really enjoy playing this game with friends or on date night with hubs. Great conversation starter and plenty of laughs.

Loved it

My niece brought this on a road trip and it was so fun! She had the culture deck and I loved it so much that I’m buying it to make sure that I always have it in the car when I visit folks.

This game is fun!

Weekly Family Happy Hour Zooms

This game goes over well during our weekly happy hour zoom meeting. It the highlight of the week.

Fun game

My family and I are enjoying it!

Fun conversation starters

We got a group of friends together and actually started playing tonight. The questions had a good mix of lighthearted and deep questions. Very good conversation starters. We had a lot of fun and will probably play again soon.