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Based on 620 reviews
Good, Could be better

I enjoyed the game, but I feel like it needs some depth to it, like some rules or “the odd one out has to drink”

i guess what i am saying is add some drinking rules to the game HAHA

Great ice breaker!

Played the game during a virtual game night. Very interesting and inspired many a conversation and laugh.

Stay Home Deck: Digital Edition

One Gotta Go-love it!

I played this game with friends a few days after it arrived in the mail. We had a blast laughing and discussing our picks. This game would be fantastic for meetings where you usually run into the dreaded "ice breaker" games. This game would be a welcome icebreaker!

Great product & customer service!

Would highly recommend! We’ve had so much fun playing this game! & I’ve bought several others as gifts!

So much fun! Couldn't stop laughing and some friends choices.

The First Deck

Good times!

Always a good time with this game. Even if it’s not for competition, it definitely leads to great convos with the friends and family! Love it!

Awesome Game

This game is so GOOD! I have been playing it in groups of all sizes for a few weeks now, and each time, we players share our thoughts and lots of laughs; while the game is in progress. I love that there is no scoring system and that certain cards can keep us engaged for a while. Loads of fun!

Tons of Fun!

You can play in a group or you can play one on one!

Family loved it

Fun game, Family enjoyed

We love this game!!!

Check out our YouTube video playing this game!!!

It was Chill

Alright so buy this game! Know this, it isn’t a “fun” game in the most traditional sense. It is very engaging. We played with 4 people and there were def some funny moments and some confusing moments. We would all play again. It’s weird cuz it’s not 1st lick for game night but it’s def not the last option. It’s worth it to me.

Great discussion starter!

How fun to have debates over why what you would say has gotta go is the correct choice over your friend's gotta go.

Great game

Ladies night was a blast can't wsit for updates

Only 1 Issue

It needed to be longer! So fun! Shipping was fast! I played this with my family and it sparked some heated debates. Add more cards to the deck because we went through the entire deck in one play.

Fun game!

My family and I enjoyed this game. It really made us laugh.

Good debate game

Good for debates

One Gotta Go Bundle 🎁

We love it!

Absolutely recommend this game. We haven’t laughed this hard in such a long time!


Awesome game night with the family loved it !

Fun Game

Can’t wait to play with my friends at game night!

Loved it!

I pulled out all the kids friendly ones and played with the family. I plan to use the digital cards on my next family zoom.

Great game

Fun times. Laughing out loud family good times.