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House Rules

Note: Some people just flip the cards and have long conversations about the choices. So, feel free to make your own rules. That's probably what you're going to do anyway.

But if you want to add some structure to the game, below are the rules. 

Important: One Gotta Go is a fun and happy game. One Gotta Go as it pertains to people means they never participated in that field. So actors, they never acted. Athletes, never played their sport, etc. One Gotta Go as it pertains to items or ideas means those items or ideas never existed. 

Keep it fun, keep it classy. 


Number of players: Three or more

To start the game, choose someone to be the Moderator. 

Moderator, shuffle the cards, play the top card, and then choose whether the round type is "One Gotta Go" or "Only One Can Stay."

Each card has four options. Based on the chosen round type, each player decides which option "gotta go" or which one "can stay." If the choice is unanimous, the Moderator should change the round type. If the choice is still unanimous, skip that card and play the next one.

If the choice is not unanimous, players will have to convince the Moderator to side with them by explaining why their choice makes sense. Each player has 30 seconds to make their case. Players with the same answers can team up and argue their answer. Players can offer a rebuttal and have 15 seconds to do so.

Moderator, choose a winner. Winners get a point. Losers get nothing. Actually, make the losers take a shot or do something embarrassing...Your call!

Start the next round with a new Moderator.  

Oh, and feel free to make your own rules. That's probably what you're going to do anyway.