House Rules

Note: Some people just flip the cards and have long conversations about the choices. So, feel free to make your own rules. That's probably what you're going to do anyway.

But if you want to add some structure to the game, below are the rules. 

Important: One Gotta Go is a fun and happy game. One Gotta Go as it pertains to people means they never participated in that field. So actors, they never acted. Athletes, never played their sport, etc. One Gotta Go as it pertains to items or ideas means those items or ideas never existed. 

Keep it fun, keep it classy. 


Number of players: Three or more

To start the game, choose someone to be the Moderator. 

Moderator, shuffle the cards, play the top card, and then choose whether the round type is "One Gotta Go" or "Only One Can Stay."

Each card has four options. Based on the chosen round type, each player decides which option "gotta go" or which one "can stay." If the choice is unanimous, the Moderator should change the round type. If the choice is still unanimous, skip that card and play the next one.

If the choice is not unanimous, players will have to convince the Moderator to side with them by explaining why their choice makes sense. Each player has 30 seconds to make their case. Players with the same answers can team up and argue their answer. Players can offer a rebuttal and have 15 seconds to do so.

Moderator, choose a winner. Winners get a point. Losers get nothing. Actually, make the losers take a shot or do something embarrassing...Your call!

Start the next round with a new Moderator.  

Oh, and feel free to make your own rules. That's probably what you're going to do anyway.


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Not work $15. Got boring quick.

Never received it. No response from email I submitted. Do not order from this vendor

Fun for about 32.5 minutes.

The Culture Deck
S. Cummings
Great so far

Hosted a family game night and enjoyed about two hours of this game. Great conversations, debates… and more so great memories and inside jokes.

The Combo Box

Fun game!

So Much Fun

I’m so glad I made the purchase. This game is so interactive and fun.

A Real Conversation Starter...

I really like this game! It serves as a great ice-breaker/conversation starter too, especially at those gatherings where people don't really know one another, it helps to break up the awkward energy in the room and it stimulates more conversation and or deeper conversation than what's on the card. I was happy to learn that you have a digital version, which had more updated relevant topics than the physical set I bought some time ago. I love the digital version cause it's right on my phone. Cant wait to see what other digital games you have!

New Experience

Really happy about what these cards can do!!! It brings on conversation, opinions and friendly debate. Good for generational knowledge too!! Really Enjoyed the experience!! Was recommended by my 30 year old daughter😃

The First Deck
Krystle Holliday
family/game night

We had so much fun debating!! I really appreciate the ones you get to freestyle!! great time.

The Culture Deck
Brittany Snipes
I love this Game !

Definitely a fun game to play with family and friends.

So fun!

We love playing this game with our family while waiting for a table at restaurants!

Some of the choices could sow discord

The Combo Box
George Driscoll-Lovejoy
Gift for wife

We attended a holiday party, and another guest brought One Gotta Go to keep the party going. My wife loved it so much and kept commenting how much fun it would be at our parties. Stocking stuffer achieved.

The Combo Box
Holland Boyd

Great game for parties


Cute fun game.


This is good! Keep up the good work.

Super fun

I love this game! I played it with my family and it's bringing out some good conversations.

had the best time @ the family function with this game!

The Culture Deck
William Searcy
Great addition to game night!

Very first time we played, everyone was asking about where to buy! You should definitely add it to your collection!

The First Deck
Luke Holcomb
Love the product!

It’s a great ice breaker and I love to pull out a few cards whenever I’m sitting in my living room with my friends

One Gotta Go Bundle
Stephanie MB
Absolutely love it!

Best company/party game ever!

Fun for family and friends

Enjoyed playing or should I say debating with friends and family. Would recommend.

This was fun

Thank you for creating a safe way to engage with family and friends. The cards provided lots of interesting dialogue during our recent game night!

Ice Breaker

The setting was perfect Lakeside picnic with some folks who had not met one another. So I broke out “One gotta Go” digital edition. Fun, lots of laughs and interesting conversation started reminiscing on the topics, shows and music...many memories affiliated with the game. We went through the whole digital deck (Many skipped not interesting). There needs to be an update pack for the digital maybe priced @3.95 for your digital pack customers!

One Gotta Go Bundle
Hampton Pirate

Made out BBQ Lit AF