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The First Deck
The First Deck

The First Deck

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The First Deck. This is the first set of cards we ever created. This deck covers a bunch of popular categories & topics.

4 Choices, One Gotta Go. You can play this with your friends, family, neighbors, coworkers or strangers off the street. If you have a pulse you will have fun with this deck.

54 cards  | 49 Play Cards + 5 Blank Make Your Own Cards 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews
Great Fun with the Fam

I played this game with family, over the holidays and it was a great time! Good laughs, fun spirited debates and lots of fun. Highly recommend!

So Much Fun!

Our family had a great time playing this game. We got such a laugh debating the various cards that we abandoned the timer and hashed it out until the 'winner' of each card had convinced each person they had a better argument: once you conceded on *any* point you were out of the debate! We didn't get through many cards with our method but we laughed a lot. A fun evening with a game we are all looking forward to playing again.

Deshunn H

Played this game at a Christmas Eve party this year, great conversation starter! This game brought life to the party, careful though, some of the cards can be a bit controversial when mixed with alcohol. Otherwise fun game!

Really fun

Played this with our family on Christmas. I will say that some of the music artist references were a little hard for some of our older family members, but in general, great game.

Fun family time

We played during holiday. It was fun family time. There were a number of music and tv shows we are not into so we had to guess. We also skipped a lot of the sports questions since we are not into sports. Overall was good.